Transitioning Myself

I consider myself transgendered but will never be a transsexual. I have been crossdressing privately for most of my life but about a month ago I realized I now have the opportunity to live as a woman if I so choose. I am 60 and live alone. I am mildly disabled but am considered 100% disabled by social security and get a check every month and a small amount from the VA for hearing loss in Vietnam. All of this means is that I have nothing but free time to indulge myself. I've been building myself a new wardrobe and put most of my guy stuff into storage. I have been presenting myself as a woman for almost three weeks now. I go out regularly wearing jeans or slacks with a feminine blouse. I won't wear a skirt or dress until I get a makeover in a few weeks. My own makeup skills are sadly lacking. I just love being a woma. n and hope to spend the rest of my life as one. It will be hard coming out to my children but they are likely to understand. Young people are more open and accepting these days. Mine are both in their early 20's and I'm sure they've encountered people like me before.
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2 Responses Sep 22, 2012

i hope you have a great time discovering yourself as a woman

It is wonderful that you have come to a point at which you can do what you need too! I wish you the best!

thank you both very much, I have found much support here on EP