My Life With Jamie Part 2

to continue all through Jr and high school Jamie would come out as soon as i was home if for only a few hours. at this point i think my sister and mom had suspensions but they never mentioned it straight out mom would make little comments such as your lucky to be a boy. she would tell me that i should not dress as it was saying that god made a mistake so i would eat and gained to much weight to fit into the clothes i borrowed I'm now trying to lose it. a few years ago Jamie found some breast enhancement pills and started taking them with slight results . then i got friendly with a woman in California and for some reason she decided to secretly give me female hormones and they have made my hips bigger and my penis smaller cant tell if they have stopped yet its been about 3 years. since i was asked i will tell more i have been told that the pills that where given to me are spouse  to turn testosterone into estrogen in the body thus any that i have is instantly changed so i can not reverse the effects so Jamie has gotten more breast enhancement and hrt replacement pills to try and finish what was started the breasts are now about a large a and i hope they get to an b  i wear a bra most days with that hope in mind . i do wear women's jeans as the fit better in the hips with panties and when i can i wear skirts and women's tops and the occasional dress with the appropriate shoes. some day i hope to get the guts to let others see the real me as i have felt i should be a girl since i was 8 or 9 anyway
spaz1177 spaz1177
46-50, T
Dec 10, 2012