Yes I Am Tg Cd Lg Sissy Boy Who Wishes To Be A Girl!

i have always felt i was meant to be a girl ever since i was four or five years old and secretly did so envy the little girls in cuye pretty dresses skirts and girlish clothing i wanted them to find me out fraw me aside and transform me into girlhood so thaat then i to could know what it truly is like to be a girly girl girl to know the real secrets of being a girl and i still do want this even now oh yes i wish i were a little girly with long flowing blonde hair pretty blue green eyes all soft and round like girls are and i want to be called suzy ann and to be a totally girly girl with maybe just a touch of tomboy but i am a girl yes i am!
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Fabulous sweetie

I am not sure that there is any tomboy in you, Miss Suzy Ann!

How I know the feeling- you wanted to be a sweet miss. I am a young girl at heart who always wanted to be petticoated and permed as a boy, even though I played "boy" very well- high school and college sports. I am happily married with kids but still a little girl in spirit. I would welcome you to my group of friends, many of whom share your feelings. I like your "touch of tomboy" comment- probably all of us would reserve that "touch."