Finally Free To Be Me!

Hi, I'm smile011, and I'm a transgender, a 53 yr old man, who started talking to my wife about the real me. She had no clue what was really happening, it all started when she asked me two weeks ago if I was losing my mind? I told her no, I'm having hormonal issues. I had to come clean. I spilled everything, everything I could remember. She was shocked, she struggled with it, but after discussions, and questions answered, she now knows about the real me, my secret cross dressing and experiences. She supports me 100% now, and is going with me to the doctors for MTF HRT. I got lucky, this change will not destroy my life, but finally allow me to be me. I was 6 when I knew I was not a boy, I went to school wearing my sisters bra and panties under my clothes, mom had to come get me, and well she knew I was having gender identity issues. I hid it well for 47 years. The things I have done, the encounters, and actions. Lies, and misdirection to keep my secret from my family, friends. I'm heterosexual, but I'm not a male, as funny as it sounds, I realized I'm a lesbian stuck in a mans body. I love sex with my wife, and she was concerned that would change, well as long as I have a penis and Viagra, she will get her man! She asked me if I was seeking SRS, and I honestly said right now no, but after some time on HRT, that is bound to change. So I'm stepping out in uncharted water. Scary, but I know this is right.
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2 Responses Jan 17, 2013

Wishing you all the best hunni,just trying to pluck up the courage to do it myself xx

we are similar. I was 49 before I knew I could do anything about it. Hormones worked well for me and the changes are so nice I would never go back even if I could. You're lucky your wife is supporting this because BIG changes are in sore for both of you. Remember once you develop breasts they are there to stay... so be careful and be sure. Good luck!