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I strongly agree with this group, I see so many people calling themselves open minded and yet can't take an unfavorable opinion.

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@ Entrepguy: well spoken, but these days everyone calls him/herself open minded!<br />
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@ june: good choice of words, couldn't agree more

Indeed. A lot of terms got mixed up these days. Openmindedness, straightforwardness, non judgmental..<br />
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Can be funny but I'd like people to remember that EP members come in different types. There are people who came here looking for a place to talk (and be narcissistic as I did ^___^) but there are also people who came here to find support.<br />
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And when you confront them for being different in a way that you think is straightforward (but in actuality is harsh), it's just not cool.

open-minded is one of those terms that has completely lost it's meaning and value. Openmindedness is not determined by one's own opion of one's self, neither by those who agree with them. Openmindedness is determined by how one receives those who disagree with them.

I get that all the time, thanks for the comment

Oh so true..<br />
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So many people who claim to be open minded and yet call other people names for being different.