Who Would You Want to See One More Time

 All to many times I think to myself, if I could have one day to spend with someone I will never see again, who would it be?


Who would you pick and why?

enjoythebeach enjoythebeach
46-50, M
3 Responses Feb 18, 2009

It would be my Grandfather, as he died suddenly, two days before my 7th birthday. He was a great man. Wish I had more time to know him!

Hah; Very beautiful and touching! Your dad knows, and he is smiling! Bless you!

If I could have one person come back for a day it would have to be my dad. He passed away in 2001 and he never got to mmet my wonderful husband or our beautiful 3 (almost 4) year old son. I would love for him to see how we are doing and that I am so happy.~Miss and love you dad~~