Who Would You Want to See One More Time

 All to many times I think to myself, if I could have one day to spend with someone I will never see again, who would it be?


Who would you pick and why?

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6 Responses Feb 18, 2009

My mother<br />
my mother died when I was 10 I would love to see her again, to tell her what happended to me when I grew up, to talk to her (About life in general) to tell her how much I love her to tell her all my fears I grew up with.<br />
<br />
I could go on and on about if only I could see mama Again...<br />
<br />

tabasumm~ That's wonderful! Not selfish at all. She knows, and her aura is around you always! Believe it!

Ghandi Just to ask him how he had so much faith

For me it would be my grandfather. I saw him a couple days before my 7th birthday, as he was making some new cabinets for my mothers kitchen, and said he'd be back to finish them. My grandma and him went out to dinner with friends of theirs, and he had a massive corony. I can still remember my mom crying! I never had enough time to know him. He was a great man; built houses for a living and was loved by many. 400 people came to his funeral. I'm sure I got my love for woodworking from him!

My friend... he passed away so young, i saw him on my dreams sometimes...

My Mom! There is so much I would like to share with her that I didn't make the time for when she was alive!