My Dad.

For just one day I need to be with him again, when he could remember me and talk to me and laugh with me.

I miss him so much, I just want the chance to say goodbye properly.

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THank you .but no thank you!..I am not here for a sermon!!

You can be with him again and right here on the earth. Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead...he had been dead four days. He didn't bring him down from heaven...of course Lazarus died again but what most religions do not tell you is that the meek are going to inherit the earth...not those that go to heaven. Jesus spoke about both people in his sermon on the mount. You can be with your love one again in the future. I can send you information on this...a book what does the Bible Really Teach...or just contact Jehovah's Witnesses near you.

My DAD!....I need to tell him that I love him and thank him for<br />
<br />
everything he ever did for him!....My Hero!

i feel for you its so hard sometimes isnt it?

I can sympathize with the need to say goodbye properly, M.<br />
<br />