if i could have one dead person come back for a day id pick--------- my paternal grandma. she was full blood irish and we look alot alike. she would always give me advice and i was her pick! id like to take her out to eat and just drive around on a beautiful day---- that would be awesome

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thank you all!

For me, it would be my grandpa Buster (my mom's stepdad). I miss him so much, and he was the only family member I could relate to.

I never said goodbye to my Dad! I never told him how much <br />
<br />
I adored him!....Please, oh please, just One More day would<br />
<br />
put me at peace!

Mine would be my maternal grandma and she too was 100% Irish. She passed when I was 18. She was such an amazing woman - raised 9 kids, had 15 grandchildren and I was the most fortunate being the oldest grandchild - I spent many a summer with her. One more day would be an incredible blessing.