Not a Human, Though.....

If I could have one "person" come back for just one day, it would be my cat, Tasia. He was the oldest of my three cats, but was only seven years old when he died. He was born on June 5, 2000 & died on August 7, 2007. He died all alone, at the vets office, in the middle of the night. I'll never forgive myself for it because I should have been with him. I don't like the idea of him dying all alone in a cage, by himself. He hated the vets office, & he had to die there. I'm not going to get completely in to how he ended up there because I'll start thinking about it & won't be able to stop crying but..... he got sick because of something a neighbor did to him. My cats are all indoor cats, but we let them out on leashed once in a while (yes, leashes on a cat). The neighbor had a problem with the stray cats in the neighborhood & with us feeding them (although he fed them too.....), so he decided to take it out on my cats, since we were the only ones in the neighborhood who had cats.

He got sick suddenly & it was horrible to watch him. He couldn't walk, was staggering around into walls, falling over & wailing. I hate even thinking about it. He was sick & in pain & there was nothing I could do to make him feel better. I took him to the vet, but it did no good. Even with the medicine, he still got no better. I was told otherwise, however.

Something that enrages me to this day is the fact that I called the vet the morning after I brought him (Tasia) in, & they said he was doing much better & I could come & pick him up. I was shocked because the vet had told me the day before that he was probably going to die. I was trying to prepare myself for that, so when I called & they told me he was better & could come home, I was elated. Well, there was only one other bus that went there that day, & it came five minutes earlier than usual. As a result, I ended up missing it. I called the vet & told them & they said it was fine. They said he was getting better by the moment & assured me he would be fine for me to get the next morning. So, the next morning, I was ready to leave to make the first bus that goes to the office. I was so happy & couldn't wait to get him home again. I couldn't believe I was going to have him with me again.

Well, I noticed that the phone was flashing to alert us of a message. I was in a rush to leave, but got the message anyway. It was the vet saying that he was sorry to inform me that Tasia had died over night. That's what enrages me to this day. How can you tell someone that their animal is perfectly healthy & can come home one day.... & then tell them that "perfectly healthy" animal had died the very next day. It should be a crime to lie & bring someones hopes up like that, only to rip it away from them in the end. That means that if I had made the bus the day before, he would have died at home. I would have had to watch him die. But, he could have even died during the bus ride home, which would have been even worse. But even though watching him die would have been terrible for me, it would have been good for him. He deserved to die at home, with me, rather than all alone, inside a cage. I hate to think of him that way. I also think that if I had made that bus, I would have seen Tasia & I would have known by looking at him that he was still sick. I would have made them keep him another night & give him some more medicine & he would probably be alive today. They gave him one dose of the medicine, which is what they said made him "healthy enough to come home." They obviously hadn't given him enough & they should have known that. If I had been there, I would have made them give him another dose & he would still be here.

I haven't taken my other two cats back to that vet & I haven't had to. Luckily, since they're indoor cats, they rarely get sick, & don't get fleas, either, so there hasn't even been the need to. But if there were, I would not take them back there. He was a good vet for six years, but now I can't even stand to look at the building. I only went into the office one time afterwards & that was to pay the bill (which I don't even think I should have had to pay since they lied to me in such a way). My mom & cousin even went in to pick up his ashes because I couldn't bare to. 

To some people, their animals are all they've got. My mom & my (now) two cats are all I have. I don't know what I would do without them & since Tasia, I've become even more protective of them than I already was. Almost to the point of paranoia, actually. But I don't know what I would do without them & I couldn't handle something happening to them, too. They're my babies. They're so much more to me than "pets". They're basically my life. & they're my friends.

If Tasia could come back from the dead for one day, I would hold him all day & let him know I loved him. I'm sure he knows (because I believe he's still around), but I'd still like to be able to tell him in person. I'd also feed him his favorite food which was Whiskas hard food. I haven't even bought Whiskas since he died. I'd also watch him play with his favorite toy which was this little orange pillow thing with a mouse printed on it. It had catnip inside & was the only toy he ever played with in his life, other than the round things that come off of gallons of milk.

Well, I've talked way too much, so I guess I should stop now. I just miss him so much. More than words could ever say.

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Awww I'm so sorry for your loss hun. I do believe you will be with Tasia again. It's so hard to lose a pet...your right they are so much more than that...they are family,your best friends. I don't know what I would ever do without my poodle Curly...besides my mom she's all I got. Pets love is unconditional and I'm sure Tasia knows how much you love and miss him. I know sometimes you feel like no one can understand the pain of losing something...that means so much to you....No one can replace him. R.I.P. TAsia....I've lost more than one cat. Maybe I'll share some time. ummm yeah some of them I had to get rid of due to the fact I can't have them in this apartment. I have to pay $600 to the landlord to have my dog here...but it's worth it...she's priceless....Although they want me to get her "fixed" or they said I couldn't keep her. I've had her for 9 years..and she's to old to go through that who knows they might kick me out....but I'm not going to get her fixed....she's an indoor dog, and I will not take the risk of losing stay in this apartment!<br />
<br />
Oh yeah and while I'm fired up....that VET was a bastard! It wasn't right to get your hopes up like that....I believe karma will bite him in this ***....or maybe a Pittbull will bite him in the ***! That wasn't right....People ...... I'm so sorry you had to go through that sweetie. But I believe Tasia has all the Whiska he wants now:)) I know it's hard...and you miss him....HUGS