If I Could Have 1 Person Come Back From the Dead, It Would Be...

If I could have one person come back from the dead for just one hour even, it would be my grandmother. She passed away almost 14 years ago, but I miss her just as much as I missed her the day she died. I loved her so much...her passing left the biggest whole in my heart that can never be filled. My grandmother was the one person that I had in my life at that time who always loved me unconditionally, and I could always go to her and talk to her, and she always made me feel better, no matter what I had done. She never judged me like the rest of my family, and we always had so much fun! Sometimes I would just like to talk to her again...to sit with her like I used to and watch tv and talk, or to go with her to our garage sales like we used to. It just goes to show you: Don't ever take those you love for granted. They could be gone at any time. I'm so glad I was very close to my grandmother, and I was always there for her...I'm glad she knew how much I loved her. Because I know she can't ever come back.

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Yes, it would be the same for me too. Except not the last years of her life :(

My mom so I could tell her I Love her one last time and so that she can see the strides i have made in m,y life since then..I miss my mom..so much..