If Only...

I would have my father back for one day.. He passed when I was twelve, so I never actually got to know him.. I would like to sit down and talk to him about everything that has gone on in my life.. I would like him to meet my daughter's and his other grandchildren... We could kick back drink a beer, smoke a cigarette and just discuss life in general.. I've had vivid dreams in which we have done this.. I really miss my father..

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Would I???? Hmmm depends on how long he's be here for.. I may just keep him to myself...

Aww, this is sad but sweet...I wish that for you too...would you let him meet me?

((hugs)) Thank you so much..... I never got say goodbye, or go to a funeral, or even have a grave to visit.. It's hard because I never got any closure.. I think that's why I always have dreams where he just shows up...

i bet you do miss him a 12 yr old girl really needs her dad. im sorry he was taken away from you!

sacredivision... ((hugs)) This is such a sad thread.....

i would like to see my father too.

(((hugs)))<br />
To all of you... We have all felt the pain of losing someone close to us... I am so glad that the pain eases with time and what is left are the memories..

my great Grand mother...

I would like for my husband to come back. I would hold on to him and love him like never before. It's lonely here without him. I know what it is like to loose a father, brother and a husband so I can feel all of your pain. I lost my father and brother on the same day in 2006. Then I lost my husband in 2008. So yes I do know what you are going through very much.

My husband. I would like to know if he gave up on life, because I didn't make him happy enough to want to fight for his life. I would also like to tell him one more time that I love him, because we had an argument the night he passed away.

My brother. I would give anything and everything I have just to be able to tell him I love him one more time, look him in the eyes, while he is still alive.