Damn! Can I Say 2 People?

1. My oldest sister Belinda who I never got to meet, since we were taken away into foster care all of our lives. I was 19 & the foster mom was too evil to notify me of my sister's death, & she stole my Social Security backpay check & would not allow me to go to my own sister's funeral. This might be the only sister who wouldn't have taken advantage of me & misused me.


2. My fav. singer Aaliyah. She was very inspirational to me, & I wish I was her little sister.

I LOVE & miss her music & acting. Who knows WHAT she'd be doing today if she was still alive! She was a straight A student-a GENIUS-VERY creative! & through her music & hearing her interviews, she inspired me to not give up on my goals & wishes in life. I wish I had a body like her. She was very positive & strong-minded, & she stayed out of trouble. 1 of the best young role models ever.

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1 Response Feb 19, 2009

I'm sorry about your sisters. I hate foster care.