I Want One More Day....

I was separated from my brothers and Sister when I was 10.  They stayed in Africa with my Mom and I came to America.  I was recently reunited with them , but my brother Steven had passed away the year before.  I would love the chance to see him one more time, to tell him I never forgot him and he was always in my thoughts.  I would love the opportunity to see others as well, my Mother, step Mother, Granddaughter, Father and a couple of dear friends.  If we only knew to grasp those days and cherish the ones we love, as if it will be the last day.

perrisgal perrisgal
1 Response Feb 19, 2009

I know that feeling I lost my brother and I didn't get to tell him I loved him when he was living that is the regret I klive with everyday. I didn't even get to see him before he died. It tears my heart out that he is not here with us anymore. I have a hard time letting people go.