My Wedding Day

 my father died when I was a little girl.  He left me with a abusive alcoholic drug addict mother.  I used to want him back everyday until I got heavy into drugs and the things one does to get drugs and my eating disorder and was too ashamed to ever see him again.  

I want to see him one more time.  I want my daddy to give me away at my wedding.  I have no real family anymore to do it. I wish he could come back to see his little girl all grown up... so he could watch me start my life and see me now... becuase I am clean recovered and happy.

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3 Responses Feb 20, 2009

Oooh ~<br />
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That's all right! I'll catch up with you in the States instead ! > < !

you are such a sweet heart! :) :) :) i'm so happy you are having fun with the boy and terribly sad I might not get to meet up with you in amsterdam :(

Ohh Hunn ~<br />
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That sounds so sad T_T ,,<br />
I miss my Daddy too as He's in China right now ! & I haven't met him for years !<br />
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Smile !!!! You're beautiful :) & I'm here always >