For 1 Minute : JFK Just so I could ask who really killed him.
For 1 Hour: Elvis Presley, just cause I think it'd be cool.
For 1 Day: My Grampy so he could explain my daddy is the way he is.
For 1 Week: Jenn, because I'd love to just spend more time with her.
For 1 Month: My Uncle because I miss him & I know my aunt does too.
For 1 Year: Bubby; because it would give my family another year to love him like I did. That way they could grieve properly without guilt.
And Last For 1 Decade: Fuzzy, because he was my bestest friend in the world & I miss him more than anything. & Boots because I want her back & don't know what happened to her. =(

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2 Responses Mar 26, 2009

For 1 Hour: My Uncle Steve, so I could say goodbye!<br />
For 1 Day: Bob Marley, so I could kick it with him and trully get a first hand experience of being around him I think it would be so uplifting.<br />
For 1 Week: My Uncle Earl Ray, so I could get my share of hugs and "boxing" lessons.. hahaha<br />
For 1 Month: My Uncle Ronnie, because I never got to tell him just how much he meant to me.<br />
For 1 Year: I wish I could get back my faith, so I could prepare myself for the destruction that was coming.<br />
And Last For 1 Decade: Tupac Shakur, because rap has become lost without his guidance and realness as a leader of a people who have been underprivledged and deprived there whole life.

Such a sad question for me! There are so many. My first <br />
<br />
husband or maybe my nephew Eric........