Just read. If you don't like it.  You don't have to comment. Move on to other stories.

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You have a very good point. People dont have to get involved in posts that they dont like or want to discuss. But in defense of the other side I also have to say for the people that do make posts you do have to realize that there are lots of people here and you might get suggestions or ideas or comments that are not totally suitable for you. That just comes with the territory of a public forum. So don't get offended. <br />
I see some people get offended easily because people reply to their post with an alternative viewpoint and I think that is wrong also. You have to realize that people can and do have the right to voice their opinion and their opinions might not always sync up with yours.

thanks lphelia

Good for you! It makes no sense to read something and then bash when they could have, as you say, move on.<br />
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