My Word For You .... Don't hold your breath... look already


If anyone asks me about my guy I tell them you are simply the most spectacular specimen of manhood I have ever experienced. If they ask me how things are for us... I answer and say  "Spectacular."  You are spectacular and my one word for myself?  "blessed"  I am so blessed to have such a spectacular man in my life. It makes it worth all the frogs I have kissed in my lifetime to get such a knight!  I love you and I don't care who knows it because you have simply made my life spectacular. 

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13 Responses Mar 9, 2010

I will check it out and yes he is.

((giggle)) and you are spectacular.

mmmm you are a babydoll!

yes, I am very fortunate.


LOL! Gotcha... ;)

You just told him if he didn't lol.

You are too sweet, Fungirl. *hugs*<br />
You are he is too. And because you realize your blessings, this makes you special than the rest.<br />
<br />
And I hope he knows that.

That is the word that instantly comes to my mind when I think of him or I dream of him. He is a spectacular father, a spectacular lover, a spectacular friend, a spectacular flirt, a spectacular romantic, a spectacular listener, and a spectacular everything in my eyes. And that is why am blessed.

Fungirl, it's great when you find someone who you can only think of one word to describe them and it's that kind of word.

I am really the blessed one Sylph. He is a hottie. I am just a plain girl and nothing special.

He is blessed to have you... :)

Awww thanks mother.