Instant Karma

 I was employed by an agency which provided grant aid to industry. Owing to a large number of applicants in an area my boss, Peter and I stayed overnight in a large rural town, After dinner we went to a local bar  which was crowded, for a few drinks. After a while there, Peter inadvertently jolted a smartly dressed man, causing his drink to splash.

Despite apologising, Peter was subjected to a stream of abuse, causing us to leave the bar.

The next day our first meeting was with an applicant seeking significent assistance. On being ussured into the boardroom, the abuser of the previous night sat at the head of the table with his advisors.

There was no apology and the meeting was conducted in a tense but polite atmosphere. I must confess that as an observer - I enjoyed the situation.

cocopops40 cocopops40
36-40, F
Feb 11, 2010