My Final 24 Hours

I have this fear of death, but then again I know that we mere mortals can never escape from death. I will try to calm my myself during that final 24 hours of my life, even though i know that it'll be damn difficult. You cant bring your cash down the grave with you so I will write a will so that I could distribute and donate what whatever money that i have to various charity organizations. I will play with my lovely cheeky cat by the name of Sylvester. I will feed him for the last time and i will tell him to take good care of himself since i will no longer be around to keep an eye on him anymore. I will also then write a few personal letters to the selected close friends of mine. These are my good mates who had helped me alot when I am down and shattered in my life in the past. And I know that i can never ever repays their kind good deeds to me. I will also writes a letter to my parents, asking them for forgiveness for letting them down badly in my lifetime, and I will tell them how much i loved and appreciates them for the love and sacrifices that they did for me when I was young. And lastly a final letter to my ex gal whom I affectionately used to call her by the nickname of '' Puppy''. I will tell her how much i still loves her even though I know that she hates me so much now.Anyway I am sure she wont give a damn to my coming death, and I am sure she wont shed tears of sorrow and sadness of my demise. For her, Her tears are too expensive to be shed for a man like me who dont have a special place in her heart. I'm sure she will mock my death and she will celebrate that special occasion with all of my enemies. I love her and i still do, but sadly she and me will never be together again for the rest of our lives. And then i will slowly take a walk to all of the places that holds alot of sentimental values to me. Its a last trip down memory lane for me. Eversince young, I love taking buses as it allows me to daydream and takes a look at the view of the city. I will take several old favorites bus routes that i used to take in da past and take a final look at the places that i know i will never comes again in the future. Then my final act will be to feed this loveable stray limping cat by the name of Toby. Its been my nitely ritual every nite to feed Toby. I will spare a few words to her and telling her how much i loves her. Toby has been imbedded in my heart the first time i saw her limping towards me. I will miss Toby when I'm gone.. and I will light a final ciggarette, shed few tears of regret and sadness and then I will meet my Maker knowing that many personal dreams of mine remains unfulfilled.
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31-35, M
1 Response Jul 13, 2010

Think of death kinda like before you were born, you did not know what that would be like , but here you are. we are created in the likeness of God .<br />
You are going to live forever.<br />
The thing you have to decide is where you want to spend eternity.<br />
If you decide heaven than what you see on earth is just a glimps of all the things here.