I'm Not Even Gonna Lie, Hell Yeah I'm Shallow

I'd find someone to bang..

Not like *bang, bang*

BUT like BANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG ALL NIGHT LONG. Yep, 24 hours worth >:) Is that even possible? Oh jee buzz, it's so obvious I am a virgin D:

And I wonder why I some creepy fans >.>
CrazyHippieChick CrazyHippieChick
21 Responses Jan 26, 2011

I bet alot of girls wish they could say what you just said .<br />
Good for you.

NOI I AM NOT DAMMIT..... i just love her its not a relationship


I'm so cool!

Yeah you are..you're in a relationship with a chick.<br />
<br />
AND LOL ARORIN, "you're so cool" :P

yeah I am pretty great.. Oh how great it is to be me.

NO I AM NOT UGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH explain in detail how i am married huh<br />
<br />
and you two need to lez out already

LOL LOVELY don't call him a fuckk..you can call him a prince xP OH GAWD..it's obvious I drool for that dude xD<br />
<br />
CJ--Yeah you are xD

-____________________________________________- I AM NOT MARRIED STOP SAYING THAT


Yeah I have a lot of stamina.

<p>&nbsp;<br />
<br />
*AHEM* you're married...ewoo..I don't plan on EVER fuckking someone else's property xD

what no i was talking to you silly :P but lovely wants to join i bet xD

REALLY ARORIN?? wow, i wish i could do that

<br />
Have fun with that.<br />
<br />
*Excuse me I'm gonna go stalk my Italian peep and Serabi now*

I could do 24 hours in my sleep... No seriously I have slept for over 24 hours before. Woke up having no idea what day it was or anything.

but don't suddenly be like Oh john bad news i'm gonna die then claim you were misdiagnosed afterwords -___-

LOL Lovely.

hahaha fine you can just use me for that ,.... and wayslove

LOL -_- I have no shame xD

lmfaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, at least you're honest.