I Want To Say This....

That I have been there for you through everything. I wish you could see how much support, kindness and loyalty I have shown you because if you do you don't show it. I feel envious of you as you must have many people in your life who do a lot for you as you don't seem to appreciate me.
I have supported you through your fathers death, your mothers death, your work troubles and your meltdown over the children. I have never let you down even though you have deeply hurt me with your insensitivity and at times rudeness towards me.
I am tired of always listening to you, propping you up and showing care but feeling like I don't get anything back. I do care about you deeply but I will not be used.
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1 Response Jul 17, 2011

Nice. At least you're aware of the fact that the care is not being reciprocated. Some people, I'll put it this way.... they're like holes. Some of em worse - like black holes. They are emotional and mental drains that can't do anything to enable themselves, pretty much. They will take all your love and support and all your niceness, and all your positivity, and all of your empowerment for their use. They aren't trying hard enough to live life to its capacity on their own, and they have issues. So, kudos to you for being able to tell when someone was just taking.... and taking.... and taking.... and acting like they juust couldn't go without you. Because they can. But it's not your problem if they don't believe it and won't go without you. There's a chance that when you break this off for a little while they will get a chance to grow a little and you might come back to someone more capable. Buuuut some people really just don't change. So don't put your hopes too much into this person who has consistently shown themselves to be needy for your energy. Just be aware of how you feel - if you ever try to be with this person again.