I feel so stupid. I stalked my boyfriends ex wife's friend and accidentally hit the friend button I immediately hit it again to undo it but it was too late. The notification went through. The ex yelled at their daughter telling her she's not allowed near me and my boyfriend is so mad at me. She already hated my guts and accuses me of wrecking their marriage. When everyone else was telling me she's a lesbian and their marriage was over long before I was in the picture. It's a long story. But I got nosy and wanted to see if it was true. I feel like I'm a crazy person. I got obsessed. I even got off of Facebook for awhile to stop. And now I've screwed up everything. The ex flipped out accused told her daughter I'm spying and I've crossed the line. Which upset my boyfriend because his daughter had to pay the consequences for my actions. I've apologized to him and his daughter. His daughter said she's fine and told me not to be upset. She feels her mother is over reacting. But at the same time I can't blame the ex for being pissed. My boyfriend hasn't responded to my apology. He hung up the phone on me. This just happened a few hours ago. So I need to let him cool off.
mayling71 mayling71
46-50, F
Aug 18, 2014