Life Is A Gift.

Well, I'll list them in order. A few years ago my aunt told me that one day my mom was drunk, going somewhere on foot during the winter with me and happened to drop me (I was a baby.)and kept going.  She said that she heard my cries behind her house, came outside and found me. Whether this is true or not I don't know, my aunt is a drunk herself and is known for lying, as my dad has pointed out to me. What has been told to me will never be undone, be it true or not, I am learning the difference between merely recalling a memory and harboring unforgiveness.

There was a time during the summer, I don't remember how old I was but that I was just a kid, climbing trees with my cousins not too far from my grandma's house. We were climing, adjusting ourselves, talking and laughing. It was a sunny day out. The branch that I was holding with my left arm snapped and I lost my balance, I rememer thinking, "Oh NO!" Somehow in that instant I knew to call out to God. I yelled his name in my mind, the fear was too much for words. Then it was as if I was in the arms of an adult, held the way that newly wed wives get  carried across the threshold. It was as if the angel (or whoever it was...who knows, I called for God, maybe he heard me.) as if he made me look down at the ground, because I did, and there was a jagged wooden stick pointed upwards, did I mention I fell slantways? I got placed on the ground very gently sitting up, I had the feeling of deep joy, love, and peace, it was AMAZING! I said, "Woah, I want to do that again!" So I got up smiling and started climbing.

When I was about nine years old, I went to a summer camp, we were swimming in the river, I didn't really know how to swim, and I wanted to go near the deep part. I was having fun just being alone with the others merely there to me when suddenly I got caught up in the current and couldn't flap my way to solid ground. Then I was underwater trying to break free from the current to no avail, at no time before I got underwater did I think to yell for help. I heard a voice tell me to breathe, I jerked looked around took one last jab at getting my head above water, then it occurred to me that I was going to die.  I heard the voice again calm sure authoritative, "Breathe." There was no other option. In my mind I yelled "OKAY!" and took a deep breath. I felt water gushing into my lungs a burning sensation quickly spread throughout my lungs and that's when I popped out of my body, I was above the water and got scared, I willed myself back into my body, I got in and I couldn't move my arms or blink and I was sinking to the ground thinking, "I'm sinking to the ground, I can feel the weight of the water in my lungs." Then I popped out of my body again, this time maybe 50 feet in the air, I was thinking to myself that no one there noticed me drowning and was kind of shocked about that. I was thinking it would suck to for someone to find out that I drowned by accidently stepping on me while they're swimming. I sort of cringed at the thought. Suddenly I felt a breeze from my left and that's when it fully hit me that I was out of my body I was thinking how could I feel the breeze of the wind, I'm down there! Why am I up here?!  That's when I felt eyes to my right, I think the breeze was the angel swooping over. Before I looked to my right I thought, "Oh noo. Who is this?" He was about 10 feet tall, I knew he was an angel, I don't know why but I thought, "Hey! I know you..yeah.....I know you.." I stopped because I didn't know why I thought that because I've never seen an angel before to my recollection. We talked but I don't remember all of what was spoken. He said I could either stay and live or die and be born somewhere else. I asked where, he pointed in a general direction and I looked towards it and said I didn't want to because "the people there are evil." (I don't know why I thought those things. It's like I just knew.) And I said that I didn't want my parents to cry for my death. After I told him that I looked down towards the others and thought "I wish someone would JUST LOOK AT ME!" Right after that it's like my eyes focused on a face looking at me, it was as if she heard me or something, the next thing I know I'm back inside my body with a jolt with two hands on my forearms, they were the first things I saw while I was under water, I came up to the surface with a lot of water spewing out of me, I didn't know how to react. We got to solid ground, stood ankle deep in the water and looked at eachother, I said, "Thank you." Very quietly I wasn't sure if she heard me, and she said an equally audible, "You're welcome." It hit me that there used to be water in my lungs, as I looked at the brownish water I was disgusted, I clenched my  shirt right below my collar and said, "Gross." The girl who pulled me out was just looking at me. Right then the camp counselors said it was time for us to stop swimming, the kids were gathering their towels and trying to get in a few more seconds of swimming time when the girl and I were talking, she was older than me, must have been maybe 13 or 14. We were standing near eachother for some reason and she said that she saw me "up there" and she pointed up to where I was, 50 feet above the middle of the narrow river. I said, "Yeah. I was up there." I put my arm up and pointed my hand where I generally was. A camp counselor asked me if I was okay, why I was so pale, all I said was, "I don't know, the water must have been cold." It was all happening too fast for me to explain it to anyone and I was sort of in shock. I never told anyone about it till later on when I heard that the girl who saved me died. After she saved me, when she and I were standing next to eachother, not knowing what to say, I looked at her, and there wasn't a doubt in my mind that God loved her, and I told her so.

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Mar 10, 2010