Mr. Bernanke is quoted making the statement “September and October of 2008 was the worst financial crisis in global history, including the Great Depression,” Mr. Bernanke is quoted as saying in the document filed with the court. Of the 13 “most important financial institutions in the United States, 12 were at risk of failure within a period of a week or two.”
Asked why he thought it was essential for the government to rescue AIG, Bernanke said, “AIG’s demise would be a catastrophe” and “could have resulted in a 1930s-style global financial and economic meltdown, with catastrophic implications for production, income, and jobs.”
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I believe so. I the basic sense we all will become something else in time. Our bodies only have a limited amount of time b4 they decay, feeding the next transition in the life loop.

I think there is more to it though. I created a profile here in hopes of this being a place in which I can honestly share my story amongst like minded people.

I've always known there is more to it than what is obvious. I remember times from before I was born. It wasn't a physical realm like we live in. It was just sort of consciousness. I remember being told that I would have a good life, but it would be filled with obstacles, and I would have to work for everything I have.

This so far has been very true.

As I became older, about 3 or 4, I remember being "visited" by three beings at night who I referred to as witches. Idk why, but they didn't scare me. It was almost like I knew them for a very long time. I remember them being very nice to me, but becoming very forceful and directive as I grew older and the faded from memory. I suppose they were like invisible friends. They faded one at a time, and I remember the last of them being almost threatening and panicked, but I cannot remember what I was asked to do or become.

Idk, what was going on at that time, and probably don't want to know. It became so serious that my father took me to a psychologist about it. Fortunately they found nothing serious.

All these years later, I still remember them though. Vividly, like you would any normal memory from long ago. I've had strange things occur to me since then, but mostly everything can be explained away.

Has anyone experienced something like I did? Is there a theoretical basis for what I went through? I should note that I am a clinical therapist by profession. I know mental illness, and realize this could all be due to trauma. All I can do to reassure you that it's not that is to explain to you that I know the difference. It's different. I don't fear it, I just don't understand what or why what I remember happened.

I do not understand any of what you are saying and why you have posted it here?????

Please clarify what you are asking or saying.

Are you talking about Izan Izonomofs' "a moment of time" which is very similar to the works of Stephen Hawkings? or Just a momentary personal psychological episode ? It has nothing to do with what Moca posted! You need to present this on your own main posting on the main area abe!

Thank you for also inquiring what this guy meant. I found it curious and would like to know more about it, but thought this post as a response was really out of place for this question. This one is truly a mystery.

I think he is having a personal psychological moment! It has nothing to do with what you're discussing. Don't think more on it Moca. I feel if you try further to contact this person , you will only get gibberish in reply. (This person Abe needs a psychologist themselves. ) -Brick

I had the same thoughts Brick, this one definitely wins top spot as my weirdest response ever!!!! LOL

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