Better Off Dead?

Ok...I'm currently a 19 yr. old and by now, I should have a steady job, and a college life. Guess what? I dont.
Ever since I developed anxiety, Ive had problems doing almost everything. I dont have a lot of friends, Ive yet to date and find out whats around my town...corner basically.
I didnt learn how to drive at 18 when I got the chance cause I was and still am a dumbass.
I planned on doing it early 19 but nooooo, again, didnt do it. College after graduation? FAIL.
I broke down with depression cause of problems around home.
Now,...the next plan is drivers' ed in the late fall...I know it will take time and effort til i get a permit but ive been told that as soon as the permit comes in, I get a car, a mustang. *Crosses fingers*, I dont even know how this works....I feel like such a screw up....well, anyhow...i do want to work and i do want to start college, but I NEED the car cause I cant be on rides for life.....*Sighs*
Idk idk anything....just hope to god i guess that everything works and stuff.
Life sucks and its so complicated.
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1 Response Jul 27, 2010

This happens to many people. I'm much older than you and my situation isn't all that different. You have time. My entire life is an online fantasy. I have nothing real.