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I was blocked either last night or some time today cause of the fact my sisters friend refuse's to unblock someone who was rude to her tried to force her into talking to someone she didnt want to talk too and now she has blocked me cause of the fact she wont unblock him. On ep i understand people have right to block someone for being rude or being a perv but i said nothing to this girl to have her block me but its whatever im not bovvered by it. even though u r a childish ***** its cool. but i doubt she will unblock ur stupid friend
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<p>i blocked a guy here on e/p do to his stalking and, threatening to shoot a friend of mine in my circle of friends, along with his nasty, vile remarks, he thinks he is stll in the killing fields of viet nam.</p>

is his damn namer snowlover 13131?? lol it is tell him he eats catfood

yep .he is now known as snowlover13

I had a disagreement with a friend on here, as a result I was told I should I remove him if I felt like that, I did, he got mad about it and blocked me! Classic!

people are so childish man

I know, he sent me a rather nasty message first, I took a few days to think about how to respond only to discover I was blocked, some people have no gonads! Mind you I have to admit it's quite handy, I don't want to block anyone but I know longer have to see his childish rants on here so he did me a favour really!

yea but in this case she didnt want to talk to either of them she unblocked the girl to be nice but but the guy she wont unblock

I don't get the whole blocking concept anyway, I don't understand why people can't just ignore each rather than blocking, how the heck do they cope with real life???

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I got blocked by krool1969 for sending him a single helpful comment...he then blocked me, insulted me and posted a QnA trying to get others to help him get me banned

i dont get it chelsea blocke one of this girls friends cause he called her a heartless **** and said she could burn in hell her right right?