I Have Kidnapped Sonnet

and i am holding her for ransome: my demands are simple,
1. two bags of dorritos famly size nacho cheese chips
2. one bottle of mtn dew
3. a can of snuff
4. 30 pack of budlight
5. and the first two seasons of pretty little liars ok that one is really for my sister cause i forgot to get her a christmas gift

and sonnet ur either not worth that much or im the worst kidnapper in the world ill go with option 2
saintsforever saintsforever
31-35, M
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Two bags of Doritos? sheesh you`re going to have the worse sh*t breath. It`ll take more than 30 Budlight to get rid of that!

Or, she's entirely too tolerant. You didn't tie her up and you left the back door unlocked.

She could leave whenever she wanted.

*gnaws through duct tap*

erm.... they do not sell mountain due in ireland or snuff i think.... can i substitute anything... maybe 7up???

I loved Mountain Dew too. Such a shame.

sure i like 7up

wait a minute... who is this ransom for you or saintsforever????? i call shenanigans

her the demands are mine

is this ransom or are we just packing you and sonnets lunch for a cheeky weekend away together????? hmmm

Lol! Dave!!!

well..... i did rent us a cabin oooooppppppppssssss she wasnt supposed to see that


i am behaving the cabins for u me and foxxy *winks*

i KNEW it.... no 7up for you guys..... but you can keep the bud light though

Tsk Dave. Just tsk.

ok ok have the 7up.. but you'll never know if i did anything to it or put anything in it MUAHHAHAHAHAHA Hha ha ahaha aaaaah... enjoy

woot!! none for sonnet u know how them drunk irish get:)

heeeeeeeey im a drunk irish.. i mean im an irish lol

lmao so am i

LOL a drunken one or a regular one?... am a regular one at the mo.... but not always lol

lol well im amerrican irish so tech it dont count but i have been a drunken one before


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aww dont pout