Teen Mom

A tv show about teen girls who get pregnant. Supposed to be about helping kids understand what its like to be pregnant at that age. But to me it sends the wrong message to our kids. It glorifies it by telling our kids HEY! get pregnant and u can be on a tv show. If u think im wrong then how come the girls from the show got in a twitter war with the kardashins? A tv show should not be the reason kids shouldnt want to get pregnant at such a young age. A tv show should not be telling kids to get pregnant so they can be instant famous. Whatever happend to going to Hollywood and earning ur spot? Now its do something stupid, get pregnant, be from new jersey and u get a spot on national tv. Such a shame this is what it is these days.
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1 Response Jan 14, 2013

i agree hollywood sends kids the wrong messages kids having kids is tough why rush it there is pleanty of time to have kids they need love and a committed mom and dad,at a young age so many hardships can be avoided lol vinny

true vinni

thank you vinny