I failed-i failed- i Succeeded? u b th juj

I've failed a lot in school, but I perservered . . . At wat pt does perserverance become stupidity? i went thru so many hurdles from the administration that, in spite of my abilities, recommendations, and awards, i almost didn't graduate. i dont think it was a good idea to perservere with school now that i look bak on it.

Good things in life are hard won experiences. It takes a fight to get anything good in life, not becuz u dont deserve it or yr inadequate, but because ther is so much bureaucratic opposition that is is almost like a war trying to get anything positive done (esp. to help the world and its ppl). i respect ppl more who are well educated now, not for the brains (they come naturally), but the perseverance needed in the face of the administration. there's a temptation there to play games wen u just sit there and let the world take care of itself. It's important to believin God, esp at nite working on assignments. whether ppl ar nasty or not, there is sumethin even in the meanest person that wants to see sum1 sticking up for what is right, evn in small things. in perserverance, i've learned that evry little thing counts.
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Thanks for your encouraging comments drlesmoore.

Perserverance becomes stupidity only when one stops.<br />
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thanx 4thconfirmation

I am also two times college dropout, first by choice and then due to some medical reasons.<br />
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I also realizes the importance of Education in life. But i think real education is not limited to having degrees, you should have will to gain knowledge.<br />
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After coming out from my disease, i started learning in home, got some vendor certifications and now running my software development business successfully.<br />
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What i want to say is that if you want to study(Gain knowledge), it is not limited to school, colleges and degrees.<br />
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I Wish you also gain knowledge in your life and live Successful life.

I agree, good things in life are hard to get,

Thanks. I try to keep my head up. wat do u mean by unlearning 300,000 yrs of the wrong info u've ben subject 2?

thanx, man. : )

Good for you!!!! I'm in a similiar boat w/different circumstances. I've failed twice but yet I push on. Why... well because we have to and failure is NOT an option. No one said it would be easy and difficulty developes charactor. May you find happiness and contentment in all you set out to achieve in life!!!!