Chance as I use it means opportunity to accomplish what you wish.

Therefore having the opportunity to write, I do so, as I like and wish to write.

By analogy, if you have a chance to do as you please, do so. Do not waste the opportunity.
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2 Responses Feb 13, 2011

Chance to write. :) It is expressly stated in my writing. ^^

This ties in to the category of "I'm Ditchin' False Beliefs." What chances were you thinking of when you wrote this?<br />
The chance to ask someone out? The chance to tell a relative you love them? A chance to forgive and forget? The chance to finish your homework before it's too late? The chance to lose some weight? The chance to be in a picture while your youth abides? The chance to avoid a not-a-good-friend-after-all and hide?<br />
What chance?