There is a catchphrase that goes...
"Two steps forward;
One step back"

If one takes the group's title literally, then it should be...
"One step forward;
Two steps back".
This phrase won't get you anywhere.

And most of the times, this is the onset of our failures. When we begin to take things at one perspective, to remain glued of what the package has to offer, seeing only the inside of the box, excited about the surprise it has in it.

Countless times we misunderstand certain things that happen to us. Whether we read something, or hear something, or see something. Kinda like that song by Amanda Marshall, 'Everybody's Got a Story'. It's not only everybody... it's everything around us. If it catches the pit of our hearts, then we become affixed to that one thing we only allow ourselves to think or feel.

Aren't there times that even when you have watched a movie over and over again, you only come to realize something new and different about it later on? And this happens when you focus yourself only in digging inside the popcorn bag. 

So when we fail twice, don't fret. Because only in failing will we make ourselves continue to move on. If we've succeeded, we usually tend to be complacent, either basking in the glory or be at a sickening standstill.

Failing twice is going two steps forward. Succeeding is a step back. Let us embrace our failures and make amends with them. "Think outside that box". "When we're down, there is no other way to go but up".

Unless you start digging. *whacks you with the shovel*

Sylphy Sylphy
41-45, F
2 Responses Apr 6, 2012

We only need to open our minds to all the possibilities.

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I know... on a roll... *giggles with you*<br />
I'll take prolific as creative, ok?<br />
It can mean fertile, too... I may need your pepper spray. ;p

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