You Fail You Try; You Fail You Try Again; You Never, Never, Never Give Up

It is helpful to look at people who were faced with surmountable disadvantages.

When I was born I was a very very sick boy. I was taken from my Mom which many of you know. My one foster parents could not afford to take me to Indianapolis, so instead of the foster parents being given money to take me; they hired a funeral home to take me. I was taken in a funeral home car because they did not think that I would live through the journey.

Then when I was able to survive I spent many months in a hospital.

I did not get to start school until late. They thought I was stupid. I could recognize Petite coat junction when it came on. I liked that show and the music along with Green Acres. Shows most of our audience won't even remember. 

I have failed at most things that I have done in my life. However, I am making a difference with God's help here. Will everybody agree with me no. So far I have gotten respect; but I have many young people who look up to me. I can give them something that was not given to me as a child. I can give them hope or a young adult or middle age adult a glimmer of hope that things can be turned around for the better.

I am sorry but I cannot change my past and I cannot change your past. But we do not have to remain in our past. Sure there is much pain and sometimes we have been dealt a crappy hand. But in poker when you have a crappy hand you fold and you begin again.

Kenny Rodgers sang a song The Gamble "You got to know when to hold them, know when to fold them, know when to walk away and know when to run. "This what we have to do with our life we have hold the things that will help us in life. We got fold the cards that are not good for us. Sometimes we have to walk and sometimes we have to run. 

Now I cannot know what those things are for you. I cannot make the decisions for you. But I can say that I will stand beside you. Whether you can trust me or not it makes very little difference. I can trust you. Whether or not you can be there for me I can still be there for you. Because I cry and I care something I have not been able to do for a very long time.

If you need a minister, a friend, just someone to listen I will be here. I can still love you even in the midst of our differences I can still love you even if you or won't love me back. Love is not dependent on whether others love us. Christ loved me even in the midst of things that I have done and I can love you because he has loved me.

I am very blessed because I have two people who look up to me as their uncle jim and I like that because I have a second chance to correct the mistakes I made with her. Thank you for letting me share this. 
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you' re a beautiful soul. i'm a minister too .please message me. God bless. Hug hug

This is a very beautiful.