You Live To Fail

Life is all about failure.  When you fail, you'll be facing many emotional and psychological changes in the self.  It is never easy and sometimes it may cause you to give up what you love.  But failure is what makes you become more mature.  In my own experience, every time I failed, I learned something new which I needed to overcome.  Yes, I hate these experience, but they make me better and make me accept that failure is a part of life.  The only question is what to do in order to get back up again.

When I fail, I often find myself lamenting or reflecting, these moments may take time.  Then in the end I realized, it's best to take a deep breath in these moments and do action, instead of thoughts, because sometimes, thinking to much is not the answer.  I often would look out and compare myself to others and find the real answer within me.  I know I can't lie to myself, for I am me.

I breath, ask and I find the answer.  Then do it.  If I was less emotionally involved with these things, I could fix every problem I faces within three seconds.  Thinking to much is never a good way to improve in my case.  Each failure has only one lesson to teach us.  That we must over come it.

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7 Responses Feb 4, 2010

i see a new way of seing things...thank you

I spelled it wrong. I was supposed to write harder, but maybe, due to lack of diligence I was unable to check it. ^^

Do you speak another language as your first language? "I prepared harded" has double -ed's at the end.

@sunflower101 We have the capability to choose what is important and what matters. I just asked myself what is important to me and what matters. And I find wallowing in pity doesn't really matter or it isn't important to me.<br />
<br />
Instead I prepared harded. Like the Nike slogan. Just do it.

If you were less emotionally involved, I don't believe you would have learned half as much, though. Congrats on your success, watevr it was. how do u stop lamenting yr failures?

very true, you are wise because you do not despise what lies in the mess.

I wish I had your confidence.