My Failings

I failed the 10th grade. Not because I couldn't do the work, but because I was never there. This was during my early teens and my "emotional breakdown". I quit high school-never made it to 11th grade. I remember that some of the teachers were upset with me for quitting. However, I immediately got my GED and went on to college. The first college I went to I lived on campus, and had a palatial room all to myself (my being handicapped does have some advantages). While there I accidentally got involved with the Christian crowd. This was mostly because the guy that was the head of the group was hot for me. So on the one hand there was the Christian crowd ( and one of the girl's boyfriend started flirting and showing interest in me-this made her-in her Christian way-start talking trash about me), and on the other some lesbians. My not being lesbian or Christian you can understand how hard all of this was for me. I knew that I was going to leave after a year, so I started 'talking back' to the Jesus freak who got me in with the Christian crowd.That was a big no-no in his book. Men should rule! The Bible says so! He found another girl in the Christian crowd who would worship him, and I left the college and went to another-closer to me-only to quit there too. I am reasonably intelligent, but I failed at school.
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That happened to me in first grade...worst three years of my life.

Well, I never went to class in high school or college but graduated with honors and many awards. Teach yourself the material and be present to take every test, get your work schedule and turn in the assignments. If you are really serious about learning your will pass. Eventually, I learned the importance of being present in the physical. Your can't get a job and not show up, no matter how smart you are : -/