5th Grade

I went from the easiest private school in the county to the hardest, naturally it was like skipping a year or two.

I got a 59% the first time and a 58% the second time(they can't hold me back more than once for the same grade, so I got bumped up to 6th). Just goes to show how much I can -not- accomplish when I try :P

I have a 3.3gpa in college now so it's not a matter of being stupid, I just didn't care. The teacher sent me to the office almost every day and that was my 2 years of 5th grade..Sometimes I'd just get up and walk to the office without being told because I knew it was coming.

Sending me out of class for not turning in an assignment seems like double-damning me. If I don't do it I miss out on doing that one, plus any one that happens in class. The teacher hated me.

senmetsu senmetsu
22-25, M
Nov 3, 2009