But Still Graduated On Time!!!

Your generated text image   My ninth grade year , or should I say, my first ninth grade year, was a kind of strange year.  The high school I had been going to, was reorganized to be a Jr. High..and all the students were divided among various other high schools.  I really hated the new school, but struggled and made C's..the second semester, I just decided I was not gonna go..I wound up missing a totoal of 111 days of school that year..when my mom found out, she packed us up and moved us to Texas , where my dad was doing cross training in the military. At the new school in Texas, I made A's..so I ended the year with a C average....and still failed because of absenses..When I started yet another high school, in another state, I worked really hard and skipped 10th grade altogether.  I also only went to school in the afternoon in my senior year...I had three classes..English , Typing and Shorthand..I did not walk with my class, but I nevertheless graduated on time , due to my own strict work ethic.

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YOU are a bad boy everywhere!!! (Thank God!!!) lol....

I know , right?? My oldest son failed kindergarten..evidently for the same reason!!!

Never mind - I failed grade 1 (I mean really now)...<br />
Question : What does one do in Grade 1? <br />
Answer: Play with putty? <br />
Solution ... Well I obviously did not know HOW!