I Got A Public Intox Ticket.Th...

I got a public intox ticket.They let me go,but someone nabbed my beer!
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1 Response Dec 24, 2006

Sounds like you are trying to get a handle on this. Iusedto drink more than I should, but decided one day that I liked drinking so much that I was either going to have cut way back or stop all together. Since I liked it, I cut way back. I drink one glass of wine at night generally. The wine I drink is cheap and nasty, but it is easy that way to stick to one a night. There are a lot of drinks that I like including just about any kind of beer or ale. I don't have any of those in the house. I started to make sure that I only drank at night and made sure that it was closer and closer to bedtime. <br />
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When you think about it alcohol is a strange drink. You might like lemonade, but you would generally drink one or two and be satisfied. With alcohol you will just sit back and polish off one drink after the next for a couple of hours or more. Weird isn't it.