First Year Fail Mbbs

i m in a great confuion because i know i am failed even without giving the university exam.........because the exams are yet to get started.
then why i m aying like this?
reason is that i have been made non eligible in anatomy subject by two marks.
now i have to concentrate on the remainng two sub-biochem/physiology.but nothng is going rit at all.i coudnt concentrate even for a minute and thought of failure i making me sick.
my exam are 15 days away and i m passing through very though situation and loss of confidence.
it a big big shock for me oh GOD please help me!!!!
i just dont now what to do know.
gbolt gbolt
4 Responses May 6, 2011

Although my opinion is too late by now, hope it will find people who need it. As people, we should learn to fail and get up and fight back to succeed. A Navigator is not who sails via good routes but one who can bring the ship home via storm.

Is mbbs that difficult or this failure is due to lack of concentration..?

1st yr mbbs... Biochemistry 2 tomorrow.. N m sure m ginna fail.. What to do..?? Screwed..

my 1st year mbbs exams finished yesterday..and i am failing..i am screwed!!