i never fail tests, and i mean like legit fail, not like how some people say oh i did terrible and its still a b. this never happens to me, but my last math test i failed miserably and i was sick that day, but still not a good enough excuse. and today was another test that i hoped would redeem my last fail, perfectly healthy and nothing. i couldn't remember how to do the problems. i couldn't remember equations or anything, just completely blank.
After 20 minutes my time was up and i didn't correctly answer anything and i know it. I feel terrible about it. usually math is one of my strongest subjects and i lead the class. now I'm easy below the class average, like i could be moved down a level next semester bad. I'm a senior in high school and i want to be an engineer. That involves a lot of math. I'm beginnig to second guess if i can handle all that work load. If high school pre-calc is too much for me how am i supposed to be an engineer?
I just don't know what to do anymore. and i can't get out my anger nd frustration because i have to wear a wrist brace and can't draw, play my guitar, do anything athletic, or anything else that i would usually do to get out my anger.
Why am i failing?

Does anyone think i should change my major? or do you think i can still pull my grades up and be a decent engineer?
soLesBeHonest soLesBeHonest
Dec 7, 2011