I Failed Ielts Exam And Now I'm Scared

I took ielts last November and failed it. It's an english exam for professionals to be qualified in english speaking country. I would like to come to NZ badly, because my boyfriend lives there and we think it's the fastest and intelligent way for me to come there since I will get a work as a nurse and we will not qualify to partnership visa. I am so depressed that I failed two subtest of the exam ( writing and reading part). I passed speaking and listening part. and now he wants me to take it again. I registered for the exam again and will take it on April 12. I am so scared, and feeling negative. I know I will fail the writing part again. When I talked to him he always say i will pass it this time, that he has faith on me. I just wanna cry when he's telling me those things. I know that it's not that easy.
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I am preparing to sit IELTS exam in August 2014. It is a most tough English course that I have ever tried. My band score at the moment is 5.0. I must get IELTS score 7(speaking, listening, writing and reading) to be able enter the university. I have tried a few mock test but I can't get score 7. I feel very unhappy.

Hello, I just finish the exam... Last May my score was 6...but I need 7 for my graduate studies abroad. I don't feel very confident.. I'm so worry..I don't know what to do...

We can't rush to learn IELTS. Reading section is my weakness. I just couldn't get my reading score improve to 7. IELTS is a taugh exam.
Go to read online NEW SCIENTIST MAGAZINE AND BBC SCIENCE. You can listen to BBC REITH LECTURE and TED science talks. My IELTS teacher gave those websites to us.
2 of my colleagues only get overrall 5 and 5.5. None of them get 6 score.

Send me some samples. I can help you! Stay positive, Beautiful!

I used to teach English. If you want to get high score in writing, you must follow the specific writing techinques. I.e. first paragraph is introduction, second paragraph is explaining your first argument, etc. There are books that provide tricks and tips for the exam.

I think my vocabulary is limited. thats my problem.:(