Nursing Exam

So as of now I am considered a pre-nursing major. For nursing we must take the TEAS exam and we are allowed to take it twice per year.. Well I took it twice, and failed both. Received a better grade than the last time, and to think I felt totally confident about my score. I studied ALOT... But now I have to wait a whole year to be able to retake the exam again.

I have no more classes to take since I am absolutely done with my pre-requisites for the following semester. The only other options I have while waiting a year to retake is take one class that is offered for nursing at community college and/or change major to something similar to the classes that I took. I must decide soon and would appreciate any help or advice. What would you do in my position?

Is it worth taking a 3rd time... or how am I suppose to know this is what I really want to pursue.
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1 Response Nov 7, 2012

I failed it the first time and I'm going to take it again next year. All I can say is study mostly on your weaknesses and buy the ATI study manual. Look on Khan academy and you tube if you have a hard time studying anything. My school has a Teas prep class to help out people. I'm thinking about taking the course next year. Just keep trying and you eventually get it.