I Failed My 1st Yr MBBS

I failed in anatomy by 10 marks..my results were out 2 days back.i m shattered..this was not expected.i passed with very good marks in other two subject.i hav given my ppr for revaluation..if it doesn't come on my side It would get difficult as I would get a back of 6 months.i don't know wat to do.m so depressed.i had a name in my university.people knew me for my sports.its al gone.the name I build up in a year.i would not b included in sports now.wich meant everything to me.i wanted to b the gys of my batch.wanted to mak a team.n m batch loved me for al I did..it's al gone.please help.al I know is I wanna rebuild everything.bt how?m gonna study hard.knowledge is more important.doesnot matter if ur in odd r even batch.bt not ready to face it.please help
Komaldhumal Komaldhumal
Jul 26, 2013