I Failed My Cgfns Exam

I found out this morning thru the CGFNS website that i failed my exam. At first i felt nothing but when i realized that everything is real, i felt so sad. I am not used to failing an exam. I studied for so many months and then this? failed......ughhh...I DON'T BLAME ANYONE BUT MYSELF. I haven't told my family yet but i will tell them eventually after i find out the results of my other nursing exam, the NCLEX-RN exam. i hope i nailed this one. This exam has more weight than the other one because this is a licensure exam to practice as a registered nurse. I am now going through a normal grieving process and i will take my time grieving. It sucks when one invests time,effort and money then failed.  i hope to recover from this experience soon.

Though i feel sad, i thank the Lord because i still have the peace in my heart. I know He allows certain things to happen for a reason.

I still feel sad and it's ALL my fault.......it sucks. I feel like my body feels heavier and energy is draining from me. the passing score is 400 points i got 384. i hope they made a mistake.....lol.. i will still have to wait for the snail mail result. (sigh)

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3 Responses Oct 18, 2008

yes i am...i already passed the NCLEX-RN last year september and the IELTS too...i praise God...that experience humbled me. i have no plans of taking that CGFNS exam...it is unnecessary..

ur so lucky you pass the ielts.im jealous..

I'm sorry, I hope you feel better soon. I sat an exam yesterday and I am sure that I have failed. I am not used to it either and i feel very sad. I know I can resit the exam but I am grieving too. I spent so much time and energy on it.

Aw, I'm sorry. That sucks. Hopefully you passed the other one.