Hi people. I flunked in my first year mbbs. With juniors now. Had a very tough time. Now my second year exams also went bad. I will flunk in all the 4 again. Fed up of my life. My bf cheated me . I have no friends to express my self. Mom wanted me to get gold medal. I cheated her too. Feeling very bad. I want a change in my life. Please help me and guide me.i cried enough. I don't want to cry any. Please tell me how to read. I am facing a tough time now. Feeling like running away and ending my life. Mom expects a lot from me . Don't no how to get back into studies. I want to become a neurologist. But I feel it's only for the people who have big brains and not for me. Save me. I am badly in need of support. I feel I can do it
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Hey harini6. I think you need to quit trying to please or minding others too much (mom, boyfriend), and focus a bit on your own happiness. Although performance in exams is important, it is not the ultimate determinant of where you'll end up in life; from personal experience, two years after graduating, our results have not determined fortunes much.
On studying, you need to free yourself off stress, and try to study what you really love.
On friends, just be the best you can, and people who value you will come. Be a friend first, but don't struggle to impress. Make sure your heart is habitable and people will stay.
On your self-harm thoughts, please don't. Idk if this will help, but I have this principle I use to determine whether something is worth stressing about- if I look back 5 years from now, will I regret stressing over such a thing? If not, that means the issue is of little meaning to my long-term dreams and ambitions, and not worth stressing about.
Hope that helps.

I am very thankful to you . Your words were worth and impressing

yes, just the fact that you wrote this post shows that you want to get help. that is good and something to be proud of. you might be feeling isolated and lack a support network. there is still plenty of opportunities available for you but maybe not the ones you were expecting. so that uncertainty can create anxiety. the depression may be caused by regret of the past and possibly some self-hatred. i'm sure you did the best you could. and i know this may be tough to hear but that's why we take tests to see if we are ready for that next level of commitment. so don't be too hard on yourself. take care of yourself. you're not a bad person.

I dont no how to explain my condition at present