why is life so crap when you try to be good???i flunk an exam whereas my so called classmates passed it and let me tell you the exam wasnt too easy and i also didnt go unprepared.i flunk by just 4 marks, but those people who copied from my paper and copied answers passed.i dont understand why all these trouble is falling on me, i tried my best to be sincere and to walk in the path which i felt is right ,.is is wrong????now i lost almost everything,...my friends,my schloarships,my parents trust in me,my dignity and all these wouldnt have happened if i just had copied one answer,i couldve done that but i didnt because i wanted to be sincereand now that spoiled my entire life. why is life so unfair,rich people become richer , weak become weaker???WHYYYY??

thankyou for taking your time to read my meaningless words
falcon2397 falcon2397
22-25, M
Feb 7, 2014