I've just failed my exams; not just failed, horribly failed. So far I have one complete and utter fail for maths, and a D for a computer related subject. The other three I managed to achieve a B, and a possible A. Unsure about English.

I'm crying as I'm writing this because honestly, I was certain I'd fail maths just not that badly. I feel so pathetic and dumb, my marks were horrible. A few others were in the same boat with either No Award or D's, but in the first paper I only got 3 marks. 3! I can't believe how bad this has gone despite achieving a really higher grade last year. My teacher isn't being entirely supportive either, because he says there's only a chance we'll improve about 15% from now until the exam, and that still won't be enough. I thought I was doing okay, considering I was getting through the past papers and tests easily enough. I just feel like a complete and utter failure.

What makes it worse is when people ask you what mark you got. I mean is it any of their business? Really? It's all well and good for them sitting there with high marks, I mean for god sake they were complaining because they were one mark away from an A. I don't know if they intended to make others feel bad, or just to sit there being smug. It's a personal question regardless.

The second exam most people failed. Even the cleverest got F's and D's, so I'm partly disheartened but I'm okay for the most part.

I may just cut my losses with this bad teacher and continue on with my more important subjects. I do so well in them, yet they are at a higher level than maths. If I'm failing a lower level subject then I'm not sure whose fault it is anymore.

I hope these feelings don't last long, I hate this state of hopelessness...
smgrl16 smgrl16
22-25, F
Feb 13, 2014