Why life is not always as predicted? Why what i prepared will never asked in exam & others just simply get the question that i aim to be asked? Not that i didn't try. I had try to cover as much as i can..can i know why every time the question i got was the one that i didn't prepared? Screw up again .. what the hack.. my fault, i failed myself.
fallenangle fallenangle
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Study and understand what u studied ..... Then u can answer any Q asked ..... Oh u need to understand the Q too to know what is wanted in yr answer

Agree, but I found myself having problem with comprehension but the major issue is I don't have all the time in the world.. I have a paper tomorrow and just get a news that my clinical exam is 2 days later.. hmm, I really running out of time..

Clinical? ... U gonna b a doc?

Yes.. if I manage to graduate... T T I aim to pass only!!! Why so difficult??

Not difficult .... U put too much expection on yr self...& therefore unnecessary stress... Just relax and do what u understand

Thanks for the support!! i just pass my exam and now officially GRADUATE... Million of thanks

Do I call you Dr ...? Now?

Haha... yes but no... Dr only for working hours.. currently, still unemployed so better call me my name... ^^

Dr. Fallenangle? Sound nice

Who would u like for yr first patient?

erm?? i rather not to choose. I'll treat everyone that come to seek for treatment equally with full responsibility, no matter rich or poor, good or bad..

How noble of Dr Fallenangle...

suppose to be like that i guess... that's the reason i choose this field.. LOL

Hippocrates Oath?

is it?? oops, i never bother to read about hippocrates oath but we have been taught, trained and assessed on personal and professionalism development.. most important is Do No Harm.. hehe

To me : today medical standards are not set by doctors but by big pharma which is not right .... Do see the two videos produced by the Australian Govt.on cholesterol where every one is con to take Statin with unproven benefits to make the phama rich

Finish viewing.. But, that's ABC's controversial Catalyst programs on heart disease - 'controversial'?? I agree regarding pharma involvement. similar disease do occur in different people but treatment should tailored to individual where i don't think statin provides no benefit maybe to minority but not all. Anyhow i'll practice what i learnt & taught during med school and also the national guidelines.. just do what best for the patient, that's the utmost i guess. My long term goal is not just sitting in a hospital, not even think of going to private to earn big.. ^ ^

My main dissatisfaction.... docs no longer think for themselves....benefits of Statin has not been proven nor documented except by big pharma through paid specialist

oo.. now i get what you mean...

Elementary Dr Fallenangle, elementary.... Do be a good Doctor

Good morning Dr ... How are we today?

No response... Dr is busy

LOL, not busy at all.. holiday for 2 months before start working... busy housekeeping... XD.. Looking for part-time job~~

I thought Dr in demand so can get job easily?

Now still waiting for letter.. totally no idea which hospital will hire me.. so have to look for part time job first..

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