Hey guys, just failed nearly all my exams which I had studied, and thought I knew. Unfortunately, as always, I obviously didn't and failed miserably. For some reason, I study the material, yet seem to always mess up and get bad marks (this happened prior to exam)

English was laughable, barely a 50%. The rest is just shameful to mention. Of course everyone except me passes with flying colours, particularly my friend who managed a 75%.

Overall, from this, I have come to hate smart people for no reason. They might be lovely and have good intentions, but, well...just **** you and stop existing please (haha).

Any suggestions on how to actually pass my end of year exam? Thanks
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You need to find a way of learning that works for you for some people its be glued to the books 24/7 for others its study - take a break study again
different things work for different people

I would suggest writing things down you have it but write down facts so you also writing down your not just looking at a book your doing something to take in the facts

Also work out what are the essential facts and focus on them because the facts can be displayed in different questions in different ways so learn to recognise the facts you will find it easier doing the question

change your way of learning. make sure you have much time and nobody disturbs you, computer and mobile off.

How dare you say "Computer and mobile off".... forget the mobile part, but what if she wants to aim for a Computing/IT career - She might find interest in web design/development or even programming applications... don't be so stereotypical next time and Imply computer are a distraction! K?

i guessed she does not do anything with IT. Otherwise there are special options to realize this. and why forget the mobile part?

Mobiles = No good = Distraction = Friends = PEICE OF WROTHLESS ****... its only use is phone calls and messages in dire situations..... or maybe pictures and videos of important things... but shes not going to pic ka course in mobiling is she? wtf.

eh...what? When i learn, i turn those things off to concentrate.

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STUDY! STUDY! STUDY! Remember stuff! You will only do well, (get the best grades) if you actually like the course you are doing and you are good at it!
Maybe pick another course? BTEC? Your my age and im doing an Level 3 IT Course (BTEC NAT)... im loving it!
Im getting the best grades and can go to almost any University. BTEC's are actually more specified to a single subject, so there great and less exams ahahaha! BUt they are stiull vlaued equally to A levels - peopel just put them down for no reason.

ty, have I saw you from somewhere? =o

wicked my darling xD