I passed my high school this year with 75%
Everybody in my family expected it to be above 85%
It's been 2 years since i am not able to achieve the results which i want it to be. This June i gave an entrance exam for Chartered Accountant. The result came up today. And i failed again. :'( I am so sick of lagging behind everyone. I need success. I am dying to have a taste of it. I am so depressed. I know i need to work harder but how? :/ I am so stressed. I really don't know what to do. There is an another attempt for the same exam on December and i wish to pursue it but i am so scared of falling again. I need help. I don't know how to achieve it. I know i am capable. But then every time i fall behind i lose my confidence. SUGGEST PLEASE! :(
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2 Responses Jul 16, 2014

Cut ur time wasting activities and focus on studies, develop ur interest in studies and see online videos and problem solving tutorials start from simple one again and again.

If it's not working then I strongly recommend that close your doors , laptop, PC and cell and pick up books only by this u hope u wll out run other and even ur expectations .

Wish you good of the luck.

Well if you really enjoy the subject spend between 2-4 hrs a day going over it, take breaks. Do this from now to then and if you still fail either exams aren't your thing or maybe you may want to consider a different subject.